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General terms and conditions

Naturally, we want to give you, the home seeker, the best possible service. You do however have to meet a number of conditions to qualify for one of our rental properties. As a general guideline, we apply an income standard where your net monthly income (including holiday pay) is at least equal to 2.5 to three times the rental cost.

The same income standard applies to dual-earner households in respect of the second salary.

Woonzeker rents properties under specific conditions that may vary per residence. The residences Woonzeker offers are preferably rented to candidates who run a joint household on a long-term basis.

Self-employed professionals and temporary agency workers

Different income calculations or additional conditions may apply to the self-employed and temporary agency workers and are examined on a case-by-case basis. 

Temporary agency workers must submit at least two annual statements based on their employment contract (Phase B).

If you are a self-employed businessperson, we ask you to submit a recent extract from the Commercial Register of the Chamber of Commerce as well as an accountant's report (with the figures for at least the last two financial years) verified by a certified accountant. You must also provide a bank guarantee (or deposit, depending on the landlord's requirements) for a minimum of three months’ rent before signing the rental contract.


If you are a pensioner, we ask for your most recent annual statements showing gross income per annum. We take account of the fact that pensioners pay approximately 30% less tax. Incomes are assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Additional information

You must not have any arrears with your current landlord or mortgage lender. Your income must be verified by providing a recent salary slip, an employer's statement, an audit certificate or an income tax assessment notice.

If you are unsure whether you meet the above conditions, your individual situation will be assessed and additional conditions may apply. Please note that we ask for a security deposit or bank guarantee of three months’ rent. Alternatively, we request someone acts as a guarantor for you by means of a guarantee agreement.

Right to refuse

Unfortunately, not everyone is eligible for a rental property. Woonzeker reserves the right to refuse potential customers for a specific property without stating reasons.

Forgery of documents


Should a prospective tenant submit forged documents in an attempt to qualify for a rental home, Woonzeker is obliged to file a report with the police for Forgery of Documents (Section 225 of the Dutch Criminal Code).