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Renting property in The Hague

Are you looking for a new rental apartment in The Hague? Renting an apartment in the most beautiful city behind the dunes, who wouldn't want that? Terraces and cafes, or the quiet spots, courtyards and squares mean that the Hofstad has something to offer everyone. The rockcity of the Netherlands, where renting a property in the center is still affordable. Close to the beach, sea and boulevard. The Hague is your city!

Find your perfect rental home in The Hague at Woonzeker!

Woonzeker Rentals in The Hague has the perfect rental apartment for everyone: varying between an affordable and cozy ground floor apartment or studio to a luxury apartment or penthouse. The listings on our website are always up to date! We have what you are looking for!

Woonzeker Rentals: renting more than a home

Of course we provide an up-to-date overview of well-maintained rental properties, but we do so much more. If you are going to rent an apartment, you want to know exactly what you can expect from the property manager / landlord. Before we show you a property, we have therefore already done the following for you:

  • We have thoroughly screened the landlord
  • We have carefully screened the house

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Register with Woonzeker Rentals for free and without any obligations. This way you stay informed of our current listings of the best rental properties in The Hague and surroundings. Your registration ensures that you can respond to properties even more easily and that you will selected more likely for a viewing.

Interested in a viewing? Check our working method!

UPDATE AUGUST 2021: We are currently receiving an extremely high number of requests and contact requests by mail and telephone. At the moment we cannot provide you all with an answer and we understand your disappointment if an answer is not forthcoming. We try to provide you with a response as best as possible. Hopefully we meet during a viewing soon!

  1. Register (free of charge) at www.woonzeker.com and create a profile. Make sure you fill out your profile as completely and accurately as possible;
  2. As soon as you see a property that you want to view, respond immediately to the property with your logged in profile;
  3. Woonzeker will only contact you after your request for a viewing if: the house is still available; the viewings are not yet full; your profile has been fully completed; your profile matches with the apartment conditions. Please note: if you have not heard from us one week after submitting your request for a vieiwing, you have not been selected for the viewings and you can consider the accommodation as rented out;
  4. Make sure you have gathered the correct documents prior to the viewing. See below which papers are requested after appointing you as candidate tenant;
  5. After the viewing, all profiles of the people who have expressed their interest are discussed;
  6. One candidate tenant will be appointed after the viewing. The candidate will be informed of this by telephone and will receive an confirmation agreement form;
  7. The other viewers will be emailed within 48 hours;
  8. The rental conditions are stated in the confirmation agreement form. The confirmation agreement form shows, among other things, what the supplies and services of the apartment concern, the commencement date of the lease, any conditions and the rental period and price. In this phase we also ask you to do a down payment of €250 via an attached payment link. This is the digital signature of the confirmation agreement form. Please note: the down payment is deducted from the rent and deposit;
  9. Documents will be requested from you in a separate email to complete your personal file. We always strive to complete your personal file within two working days;
  10. After the personal file of the candidate tenant has been completed, it is discussed and an agreement or rejection of the home owner follows. If agreed, an appointment will be scheduled for signing the lease;
  11. The lease agreement is sent at least one day prior to the meeting via a digital portal. During the meeting (telephone appointment) with the property manager, all questions about the agreement and the follow-up can be asked to the property manager;
  12. After signing the lease, the future tenant must pay the deposit and one month's rent on;
  13. After receiving the rent and deposit, the check-in / key transfer with the property manager in the house follows, where a photo series is made of the apartment and processed in a report.

Which documents do you need to rent a house?

If you want to rent a house through us, we will perform a credit check before we reach an agreement. We will also request documents from you to consult with the owner of the rented property. You can think of:

Salaried contract:

  • Copy of passport tenant and residents
  • Copy of employment contract or employer's statement
  • Income data for the last 3 months (payslips and bank deposits)

Entrepreneurs data:

  • Copy of passport tenant and residents
  • Extract from the Chamber of Commerce registration
  • Annual figures 2019 and 2020 + IB statement 2019 and 2020

Student data:

  • Copy of proof of identity/ID of all residents;
  • Registration study / school pass;
  • Bank deposits of income for example, a parttime job, allowances, student finance, etc.